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Planning SUCKS!

Exercise vs Training

Though not everyone may agree on the following definitions, for the purposes of this article they will meet our needs. Plus, they provide a suitable framework for distinguishing between different types of physical activities.

Two Marathons, Then and Now

In my late 20s (I’m now 52), I did a lot of trail running. One day in August of 1997, a friend I ran a lot with back then suggested we run the Breckinridge Trail Marathon together. It sounded like a fun thing to do so I agreed. It just so happened the race was taking place the following week. In other words, although we’d been running a lot, we’d not planned on running the marathon or structured our trail running to prepare for such an undertaking. We merely saw it as an opportunity to do a long run.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Here are two ways to approach your fitness.

The Curse of Getting Older

There are many benefits of getting older. One of those is a greater sense of what and what not to do. There are unavoidable pitfalls, too. Regrettably, the seemingly bottomless well of energy and vitality of youth we so enjoyed at some point begins to dry up.

What’s Your Plan?

Following a plan, does a few things. It structures your individual workouts so you know what to do on any given day. It incrementally increases in difficulty so you continue to improve your strength and conditioning. It makes room for rest and recovery. And it provides an opportunity to gauge improvement in performance.

Henry is an avid outdoor athlete who helps active adults stay fit and strong so the can keep doing their favorite pastimes with confidence.